About us

We are a total solution provider for aircraft investors and airlines, based on a broad, in-depth experience and intelligence in the aviation industry. Our team has a combined working experience exceeding 40 years providing highly professional operating lease and lease management services. We value and work hard to build strong and lasting business relationships with airlines, financial institutions, investors, manufacturers and service providers.

Our mission

To deliver highly professional asset management services to our clients with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.

Aircraft Marketing Services

Cross-Border Lease Structuring

Sales and Leasing of New and Used Aircraft

Market Research and Analysis

Economic Evaluation of Aircraft and Lease Transactions

Aircraft Sourcing for Investors and Operators

Lease Management and Consulting Services

Billing and Collection (rent, maintenance reserves, etc.)

Monitoring Lessee Continuing Obligations (insurance, letters of credit, etc.)

Technical Support

GOLD’NSKY performs technical inspections, which help ensure that assets are maintained in accordance with the lease requirements. Our inspection reports enable aircraft owners to monitor the lessee’s compliance with the requirements of the lease agreement. We provide:

Technical Consulting Services In All Aspects

Including delivery and redelivery of the aircraft

Operator Technical Compliance Monthly Reports

Other Maintenance Events

Physical inspection of the aircraft and technical documents and records, etc.

Introduction of New Investment Opportunities

To our clients we offer a wide range of new opportunities for investment in a variety of leased aircraft assets, which fit the specific investor’s needs. We do:

Arranging of Sale and Leaseback of New and Used Aircraft

Acquisition of Used Aircraft with the Lease Attached

Sourcing of New and Used Aircraft for Operators and Investors

Insurance Management

Insurance Advice

We provide comprehensive insurance management – assess the client’s insurance requirements and budgetary constraints,- recommend the optimal level of coverage that a client requires.

Insurance Policy Negotiation

We assess the insurance market for different policies that suit the client and negotiate with the insurance providers the best conditions. This helps us to ensure the client receives maximum coverage at the minimum cost.

Claim Management

GOLD’NSKY ensures that the claim is monitored and compensation paid in a timely manner.


We aim at providing our customers with the complete solutions. For that reason we have carefully selected the partner organizations providing best in class Maintenance services, Pilot and Crew Training, Manufacturers, Insurance and Financial services providers.


At GOLD’NSKY we value our clients and treat them with our utmost respect. We understand that every one of them is unique; therefore there are no two identical solutions. We use all our knowledge and experience to satisfy client needs and to build long lasting trusted relationships. If you would like to learn more about us and the way we work, please send you inquiries to info@goldnsky.com or contact our representatives.

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